What is Mentoring?

  • NCMI defines mentoring as a structured, one-to-one relationship or partnership that focuses on the needs of the mentoring participants (mentor, mentee and parent/guardian).  The mentoring bond fosters a caring and supportive relationship between the mentor, the mentee, the parent/guardian and the mentoring program staff.  The mentoring relationship encourages the mentoring participants to develop their fullest potential and to create a vision for their future.  Lastly, the mentoring relationship and bond embraces the family unit by providing wrap-around services that encompass the well-being and nurturing of parental/familial relationships.


Who can I contact at NCMI if I’m interested in implementing a mentoring program?


Who are some of NCMI’s partners?


What are the best practices and standards for a mentoring program?


How can we start a Mentoring Program?


How do I know what kind of mentoring program best suits our agency and community need?

  • Step One - Research and Identify
  • Step Two - Review the Links
  • Step Three - Partner for Assistance
  • Step Four - Prepare and Complete a Desk Review


Where can I find examples of Mentoring Policies and Procedures?

  • Step Five - Policies and Procedures


Where can I find examples of Mentoring Forms and Documentation?

  • Step Six - Forms and Documentation


Where can I find examples of Organizational Forms and Documentation?

  • Step Six - Organizational Forms


Are there any examples of Partners Policies and Procedures that I can review?

  • Step Five - NCMI/CMC Partners P&P Examples


Are there any mentoring resources available on the Internet?


Are there any national websites and links that NCMI is partnered with?


What resources are available to provide national background checks and fingerprinting of mentors?


Are there any Internet resources where I can go to research grant opportunities for mentoring programs?


Where can find more information regarding Risk Management processes?


Where can we find more information on Monitoring and Evaluation?

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