Abstinence Training in Africa

In 2006, NCMI was awarded a grant from USAID for HIV/AIDS activities in Ethiopia and Zambia. The grant has enabled our primary partner in Zambia, NCM Zambia, to train 3,106 youth leaders who have taught abstinence to 38,891 young people, to train 158 faithfulness promoters who have taught 2,061 about faithfulness, and trained 3,459 service providers that provided palliative care to 3,526 individuals living with AIDS.

Here is a success story from a Palliative Care beneficiary in Chitokoloki, Zambia.

My name is Fanuel and I am a resident of Chitokoloki area. I was born in 1964 at Chitokoloki Mission. In 2002, I noticed a major negative change in my health status. The same negative health changes were also noticed in my wife, daughter and son’s lives. Initially we thought that we were bewitched. We never went to the hospital but just visited other traditional healers for advice and herbs but that did not help my family.

Through the Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, some caregivers came to our home to visit us because they were aware of our continued sicknesses as a family. We went to the hospital and after counseling us as a family and took HIV tests and they came out positive for all of us. The same volunteers helped us to overcome the pain and shame that we felt after discovering our HIV status as a family. We went for CD4 count and after that we were put on ARV treatment.

After one month of treatment, our health as a family has improved. My wife and I are now able to do our normal duties and fend for our children. We have always been encouraged not to forget taking our medication.

We want to thank USAID who has provided the resources to train the volunteers who visit us and teach us on how to live positively. The Nazarene caregivers have given us hope and a reason for living. The palliative care program has helped us to come back to normal life.

My wife and I are now strong enough to farm so that we can feed our children and raise some money to send our children to school.

NCMI is honored to be a support organization to compassionate ministries around the world.

A Success Story A Volunteer - Caregiver

Royce Kantanta is 40 years old, a widow with children and stays in Mandevu compound, Lusaka, Zambia. This is a brief story about her.

After the training that took place at champ we started recruiting beneficiaries according to instructions given. It was during this period that we came across this lady, she was in a critical condition with severe diarrhea and she was dehydrated.

Immediately, we referred her to chingwere clinic were she received medical attention. When we visited her the following day, Royce was able to talk to us and responded to the questions we asked her. She further opened up and was able to disclose her status that she was HIV positive and had a growth in her mouth which was diagnosed as cancer at the University Teaching Hospital. She was put on medication but it was too expensive for her to afford. Royce was very fortunate because NCM palliative care department bought the cancer drug that was too expensive for her to manage. She also benefits from food supplement such as HEPS, tobwa, and soya chunks.

Royce’s life is really amazing, there is really a very big difference from the time we recruited her into this program. She is now able to carry out her normal duties and she looks much better and strong.

Submitted by Mrs. Faustina Kasalika