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Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, Inc. (NCMI) is a non-profit Global Intermediary Organization for the Church of the Nazarene designed to create awareness, develop resources and build capacity within the network of 180+ US Faith-Based Non-profit Organizations (FBOs), 40+ International Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and thousands of Compassionate Churches.

As a non-profit Global Intermediary Organization, the mission of Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, Inc. (NCMI) is to mobilize private and public resources to help the church fulfill its biblical mandate to eliminate poverty and respond to natural disasters, calling individuals to loving, compassionate and just service.

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NCMI serves as an intermediary non-profit for the Church of the Nazarene and supports the efforts of individual Compassionate Ministry Centers (CMCs), Nazarene affiliated grass roots non-profits located across the United States, to implement high quality community services.

Some of those CMCs are:


Lower Lights

Memphis New Life Holiness

Miami Bethany Community Services

Our Family Center

P. F. Bresee Foundation Community Center

Royersford Outreach

Shepherd Community

Sunset Youth Services

Youth Excitement Team


Bronx Bethany Community Corporation

The Caleb Center

Community of Hope

Fawn Grove Compassion Center

Greater Boston Nazarene Compassionate Center

Hands of Hope Northwest

Inspire Ministries

Kansas City Urban Youth Center

Lifespring Community Develop. Foundation

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NCMI partners with over 40 International Non-Government (faith-based) Organizations (NGO’s) to access resources for humanitarian projects. NCMI is a member of the AERDO HIV/AIDS Alliance, which was awarded nearly $20 million over 5 years by USAID for two grant programs for AIDS prevention through abstinence promotion among youth and to support orphans and vulnerable children.

Some of those organizations are:

Alternative Gifts International

World Concern

Food for the Hungry

Heart to Heart International

Nazarene Hospital Foundation

Christian Service Charities



In 2004, NCMI developed the Apex Project, a tool which provides Faith Based Organizations within its network with a learning and development opportunity.

Since 2004, NCMI has developed a strong intermediary role in building the capacity of non-profits (CMCs) using the APEX Project to form a network of faith-based organizations that seek organizational and leadership excellence in serving the poor. The APEX Project provides an accurate and objective self assessment to enhance their efforts to address the root causes of poverty; recruit, train, deploy, and supervise a network of trainers, consultants and coaches to assist in the path to excellence; implement a leadership development program for executive leadership; and build and maintain a web-based collection of tools to assist executive leadership.

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